Quarterly Gas Report

The natural gas industry remains as dynamic as ever, as the industry continues to adapt to the impact of the ‘game changing’ shales on the U.S. supply portfolio and the response of the consuming sectors to a new era of relatively low priced natural gas.  Included in the latter are record levels of coal-to-gas fuel switching and a series of capacity expansions within the industry sector.

These and other issues, such as the impact of weather and the outlook for storage are covered at length in EVA’s Quarterly Natural Gas Report.  Some of the key features of the report include:

  • Near to intermediate-term forecasts of demand for each of the consuming sectors.
  • Near to intermediate-term assessments of each of the components of the U.S. supply portfolio, including domestic production at the regional and national levels, Canadian imports and LNG imports/exports.
  • The current status of storage inventories, the storage overhang and the outlook for season ending storage levels.
  • The status and outlook for both gas-directed and oil-directed (associated gas) drilling activity.
  • Natural gas price forecasts, assessments of international gas prices and changes in regional basis differentials.
  • Appendix material in the outlook for weather, rig counts, industry property acquisitions and joint ventures and other items.