Quarterly Environmental Report

EVA’s Quarterly Environmental Report provides a comprehensive yet concise overview of recent developments in the domestic environmental sector.

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This report includes:

  • A detailed overview of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) including state-by-state emissions and allowance balance, allowance prices, and recent developments for all four CSAPR emission markets (CSAPR SO2 Group 1 and Group 2, CSAPR NOx Annual, and CSAPR NOx Seasonal)
  • A thorough overview of U.S. CO2 emissions markets (California and RGGI) including detailed emissions profiles and allowance balance, allowance prices, offset issuance and prices, and recent program developments
  • A comprehensive update on state and federal environmental regulations affecting the U.S. power sector covering air, water, and solid waste issues
  • A complete environmental project list including recent utility retire vs retrofit decisions, environmental retrofit control projects in development (including information about the status, project cost, and expected online date) , and unit fuel-switching projects

All data presented in this report is also available in a user-friendly excel file.

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