Natural Gas Supply Forecast

EVA has analyzed every aspect of the U.S. support portfolio, which includes domestic production, Canadian imports, Mexican exports and LNG imports/ exports.  EVA annually prepares both short-term and long-term projections for all the components of the U.S. supply portfolio.

At the core of EVA’s assessment of domestic production is its proprietary natural gas supply model, which examines the resources, breakeven prices and constraints for nearly 200 natural gas plays (i.e., both conventional and unconventional).  This model is an integral tool in the development of EVA’s long-term price forecasts for the natural gas industry.

In addition, EVA has authored a number of industry publications concerning the outlook for U.S. gas supply – some of which are noted below.  Also, EVA publishes a suite of periodic multi-client reports that include an assessment of natural gas supply.  With respect to LNG infrastructure and the outlook for both U.S. and global LNG supply and demand – go to Liquefied Natural Gas Assessments.


  • Natural Gas and Power in the Marcellus Super-Region:  Regional and National Implications, EPRI (1024068).
  • Impact of Environmental Issues on Shale Gas Supply, EPRI.
  • Impacts of Power Sector on Natural Gas Markets Under Climate Change, EPRI.
  • New Era of Natural Gas Capability:  Technical Briefing on Shale Gas Economics or “Breakeven” Prices, EPRI.
  • Gas Supply: Outlook for Critical New Sources to Meet Growing Gas Requirements (Volume I), EPRI 1008328.
  • Gas Supply Outlook―Gauging Wellhead Deliverability Now and in the Future: Report Series on Natural Gas and Power Reliability, EPRI TR-1004588.
  • U.S. Gas Resource Base:  Latest PGC Report (FUELCAST Article V).

Periodic Multi-Client Publications

  • FUELCAST (Volumes I and II)
  • Quarterly Natural Gas Report
  • Monthly Natural Gas Report