Natural Gas Demand Forecast

EVA has examined, in critical detail, the primary drivers for natural gas demand within each of the major consuming sectors, as well as the evolving growth within the transportation sector.  The combination of EVA’s extensive experience for each of these consuming sectors and the suite of demand models it maintains has been the basis for a series of industry publications, as well as EVA’s suite of periodic multi-client reports concerning the natural gas industry.


  • Natural Gas and Power in the Marcellus Super-Region:  Regional and National Implications, EPRI (024068).
  • Tracking Power Plant Development:  Gas and Wind Dominate Industry Capacity Plans, EPRI.
  • The Build-Up of Natural Gas Demand, EPRI.
  • Gas Market Transition: Buildup of Power Sector Demand, EPRI 1004234.
  • Outlook for Capacity Retirements Following U.S. Boom in New Supplies, EPRI 1004410.
  • Framing Scenarios of Electricity Generation and Gas Use, EPRI TR-102946.
  • Industrial Sector Gas Demand, FUELCAST Topical Article IV.