The FUELCAST Report series is an energy forecasting subscription service covering supply, demand and price analysis for each of the fossil fuels—natural gas, coal, crude oil and petroleum products, NGLs and emissions allowances—as well as electric power, for a wide variety of clients. FUELCAST consists of the following two volumes:

The Short-Term Overview (Volume I)

This volume, which is published in the Spring, in addition to providing an update of the information contained in the long-term report, focuses on the short-term and seasonal factors which impact the fossil fuels markets and electric power over the next two year period with price projections provided on a monthly or quarterly basis for the next 36 months.

The Long-Term Outlook (Volume II)

This volume is published in the Fall and provides the outlook for the same fuels over a 20 year forecast horizon. Individual chapters and appendices are presented for each fossil fuel, as well as, the electric power sector. In addition, an execute summary provides a two-page overview of the key attributes for the long-term outlook for fuel group and the power sector.

A key attribute of the FUELCAST Report series is that it represents an integrated review of the fossil fuels and the competition among them in the energy markets.

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