U.S. electric power markets are extremely regional entities that have their own unique set of characteristics. Each electric power market has become increasingly complex as power generation owners are subject to a dynamic regulatory landscape, volatile commodity prices, and uncertain load demand. EVA’s power practice focuses on identifying these unique regional characteristics at a very granular level and then compiles them into structured and systematic assessment of each region.

EVA’s power group has the knowledge, experience and tools to assist electric power market stakeholders in analyzing the risks they face. At the core of EVA’s regional power market assessment is the power dispatch forecasting tool that incorporates EVA’s proprietary set of fuel and technology perspectives to produce electricity generation and prices for each of the 8,760 hours of the year.

As a result of the above, EVA is able to offer a wide range of services for its client base, including the following:

  • Analysis and forecasting of electricity capacity, demand and prices.
  • Electricity demand modeling based on economic parameters such as GDP, inflation, RCAF, labor, industrial production, and other factors.
  • Assessments of generating capacity, output, delivered fuel costs, variable generation costs, and marginal generation costs for every power plant in the United States.
  • Forecasts of load duration and price duration curves for regional wholesale electricity markets.
  • Assessments of the impact of changes in generation technologies and economics.
  • Assessments of the impact of environmental regulations.
  • Tracking of new power plants by stage of development and likelihood of completion.
  • Assessments of electric reserve margins.