Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

The global LNG industry, once a niche market dominated by a few large importers and a handful of exporters, is in the midst of a massive transformation. After several years of chronic supply shortage and high prices, the LNG market is moving into a period of considerable oversupply driven by multiple large export projects coming online in Australia and the United States.

The combination of near-term oversupply and inevitable long-term demand growth has cast major uncertainty around every component of the LNG industry. Dozens of export projects are still in the proposal phase, including those in new supply regions such as Western Canada, East Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. Many new importers have proposed low-cost FSRU receiving terminals, though it is unclear how much demand these emerging nations represent. Questions regarding cost, contract terms, pricing indexation, political stability and environmental regulation also loom large.

EVA has tracked the global LNG market at a granular level for more than 15 years. EVA’s proprietary global LNG database provides detailed information on every existing, under construction and proposed LNG project in the world. It includes a complete list of regasification (import) terminals, as well as known LNG supply contracts. The database also provides historical import/export data by country, as well as future supply/demand forecasts.

EVA also routinely publishes reports covering various aspects of the LNG market. Most recently, EVA has published two special topic articles focused on LNG:

  • October 2016: EVA’s Long-term Global LNG Outlook
  • March 2016: U.S. LNG Status Update

Subsequent articles will cover the evolving dynamics of the LNG industry in greater detail. In addition, EVA includes LNG coverage in its Monthly Gas Report and Quarterly Gas Report, as well as its flagship FUELCAST publications. EVA has also completed a wide range of LNG market assessments and LNG project analysis for a variety of clients.

Past Publications

  • Global Natural Gas Market Analysis, EPRI (1014921).
  • Putting LNG into Perspective on a Global Basis, EPRI (1013693).
  • All Eyes on LNG:  U.S. Gas Supply Options and Prospects for Relief, EPRI (1009965).
  • Outlook for LNG:  An Intelligent Assessment, EVA.

Periodic Multi-Client Publications

  • FUELCAST (Volumes I and II)

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