Energy Audit

For most businesses, the easiest way to reduce energy costs is to improve energy efficiency – thereby reducing energy use.  EVA provides comprehensive assessments of a company’s energy use throughout its operations.  Our energy audits examine property energy consumption (power, gas, oil), equipment efficiencies (lighting, HVAC, heating), existing energy management systems, energy costs and tenant energy charges.

Phase II Energy Assessments

Consumer audits are often followed by Phase II energy assessments.  These assessments examine the capital cost and projected annual savings of energy conservation/management options identified in an energy audit.

Energy Management Strategy Development and Implementation

EVA identifies the most cost-effective opportunities for energy savings for large commercial properties.  Our energy management strategies often include: analysis of new market opportunities created by utility deregulation, negotiation of energy contracts with energy suppliers, and development of alternative methods for charging tenants for energy consumption to protect investor while awarding tenant energy improvements.