Emily S. Medine



Current Position

Emily Medine, a Principal, has been with Energy Ventures Analysis since 1987.  Her experience includes forecasting, bankruptcy support, market strategy development, fuel procurement audits, fuel procurement, acquisition and investment analyses, and strategic studies.  She has also provided expert testimony on utility fuel procurement practices and coal contract disputes.  The types of projects in which she is involved are described below:

Fuel Procurement

Ms. Medine develops and implements fuel procurement strategies for U.S. and foreign coal consumers.  Fuel procurement assistance has ranged from determining an appropriate strategy to soliciting bids and negotiating purchase agreements.  In the last five years, Ms. Medine has advised several international coal consumers of their fuel procurement activities. Ms. Medine continues to advise numerous U.S. and international coal consumers on their coal and petroleum coke procurements.

Fuel Procurement Audits

Ms. Medine manages and performs fuel procurement audits on behalf of regulatory commissions, utility management, and third-party interveners.  She has performed over 25 audits of utilities regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and testified in a number of proceedings.  She also managed two major audits of the fuel procurement practices of PacifiCorp. Recent audits include Appalachian Power (2006 and 2007) and Monongahela Power (2007) on behalf of the Consumer Advocate of the State of West Virginia, Tucson Electric Power on behalf of the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2007/2008 and 2012, AEP Ohio on behalf of the Ohio’s Consumer Counsel, and AEP Ohio (2009, 2010, and 2011) and Dayton Power & Light (2010, 2011, and 2012 [on-going]) on behalf of the staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.


Ms. Medine develops forecasts of U.S. and global solid fuel demand and prices for alternative coal types, coke and market segments.  These forecasts are provided to individual clients and are documented in various FUELCAST/COALCAST reports.

Acquisition and Investment

Ms. Medine was the agent for Lexington Coal Company in the sale of its assets in Indiana and Illinois.  As part of this engagement, Ms. Medine was responsible for the sale of three mines to Peabody Energy.  Ms. Medine also routinely evaluates the economics of potential projects or acquisitions for producers, developers, and industrials.  For coal projects, this includes market and financial forecasts.   In addition to the above, Ms. Medine has completed the sale of multiple mine assets.  Ms. Medine was an advisor to and on the board of The Elk Horn Coal Company until its sale in June 2011.

Market Strategy Development

Ms. Medine assists clients in the development of marketing strategies on behalf of coal suppliers and transporters.  She has helped to identify the high value markets and strategies for obtaining these accounts.

Bankruptcy Support

Ms. Medine was an advisor to the Horizon Natural Resource companies which operated as a debtor-in-possession in the development of a plan to accomplish reclamation on all permits not sold and transferred as part of the plan of reorganization. For a period of 15 months, Ms. Medine served as Executive Vice President of Centennial Resources, Inc., a debtor-in-possession, as part of EVA’s contract to manage this company post-petition.  In this capacity, she managed the day-to-day operations of the company as well as serving as the liaison between the company, state and county regulatory agencies, the bankruptcy court, and the lenders. This assignment ended upon the filing of Centennial’s plan of reorganization.  Ms. Medine has also served as the advisor to secured lenders in another coal industry bankruptcy.  In this capacity, she reviewed and developed independent financial forecasts and operating plans of the debtor-in-possession.

Expert Testimony and Presentations

Ms. Medine prepares analyses and testimony in support of clients involved in regulatory and legal proceedings.  She provides testimony in commission hearings on fuel procurement issues and arbitration proceedings on contract disputes.  Ms. Medine regularly speaks in to industry groups about coal markets.

Prior Experience

Prior to joining EVA, Ms. Medine held various positions at CONSOL including Assistant District Sales Manager – Chicago Sales Office and Strategic Studies Coordinator.  Prior to CONSOL, Ms. Medine was a Project Manager at Energy and Environmental Analysis, Inc. where she directed two large government studies. For the Environmental Protection Agency, Ms. Medine directed an evaluation of the energy, environmental and economic impacts of New Source Performance Standards on Industrial Boilers.  For the Department of Energy, Ms. Medine directed an evaluation of the financial impacts of requiring utilities with coal capable boilers to reconvert to coal.  Ms. Medine worked as a Research Assistant at Brookhaven National Laboratory while she attended graduate school.


  • Princeton University – MPA, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
  • Clark University – BA, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude