About Us

Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc. has been a key player in the energy industry since 1981. Our unmatched success in guiding clients to sound investment and operational decisions stems from the outstanding capabilities of our expert consultants, coupled with the unique hands-on approach of our firm. Because EVA is a smaller company than most energy consulting conglomerates, we provide a much more personalized, focused, interactive, and responsive experience for our clients and customers.

Learn more about EVA’s world renowned consultants, and explore the diverse array of market data products that EVA offers in the Power, Natural Gas, NGL, Oil, Coal, Renewable, and Environmental sectors.

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Client Testimonials

Over the last year, Energy Ventures Analysis has worked with clients involved in virtually every aspect of the U.S. energy sector. Past clients include electric utilities, power market traders, fuel producers, environmental control manufacturers, regulators, hedge funds, fuel transporters, trade associations, and others.

Read what some of our past clients had to say about EVA’s consulting services:

  • As a former utility Emissions Trading Manager,  Trade Association Chair and Consultant, I have found Energy Ventures Analysis to be both highly knowledgeable in understanding the complex details of EPA regulations and also very open to proposing unique modeling scenarios for their clients to attain regulatory compliance.   They have a long history in these matters dating back to the 1990 Amendments to the Clean Air Act.  I have found that EVA staff openly listens to their clients and customizes their studies in lieu of simply a macro one size fits all study.”  – Gary R. Hart, President – Clean Air Markets LLC
  • As the only national trade organization that represents the interests of mining in Washington, D.C. we depend upon comprehensive independent assessments of the cost and impact of pending governmental regulation or legislation. Energy Ventures Analysis has consistently met our needs with quick, detailed, and high quality policy analysis. They are able to distill the impacts and identify the major factors that influence the results , all needed to better educate decision makers. For example, our Economic Impact Analysis of EPA’s final Clean Power Plan, performed by EVA, has been an exceptional tool to inform state and federal legislators on future economic impacts of this rule to their constituents.” Bruce Watzman, National Mining Association
  • I worked with Energy Ventures Analysis for over 5 years when I ran the Illinois Office of Coal Development.  They were a wonderful partner supporting our various activities which included identifying initiatives to expand Illinois coal exports, energy education initiatives, and the initial analytic support on the evaluation of the impact of the proposed Clean Power Plan on Illinois coal production.  After their evaluations of Illinois coal export markets and the CPP, EVA did a great job meeting with other Illinois agencies and Industry leaders to explain the impact overall on the state.  I have found EVA’s industry insight, knowledge and experience to be an asset of unparalleled quality. – Bill Hoback, Former Deputy Director of the Illinois Office of Coal Development